Super Absorbent Mop That Picks Up Liquids In Seconds
  • Picks up 10X its own weight in liquid
  • No sweeping & no vacuuming
  • Cuts your cleaning time in half
  • Machine washable and lasts for years
Offer Includes
  • 1 Smart Mop, 3 Smart Cloths
    FREE Bonus
    (Just Pay Separate S&H)

  • 1 Smart Mop, 3 Smart Cloths

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Offer Details:
The Smart Mop is the last mop you'll ever have to buy because it picks up any mess, wet or dry, and works on any surface! Its amazing chamois head can absorb 10X its weight in liquid, so it can suck up even the biggest spills. Today you can get the Smart Mop for only $19.99 and just $7.99 shipping and handling! And as a special bonus, you'll get a second, Smart Mop FREE! Just pay $7.99 to cover the shipping and handling. That's 2 sets of Smart Mops for the price of one. But wait that's not all! You'll also receive 6 Smart Cloths, which are made of the same super-absorbent material as the Smart Mop. They're perfect for soaking up spills on counters and other raised surfaces, so you can stop wasting money on paper towels. You get all this complete with our 30 day money-back guarantee.
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